2012 GP2 Series Championship Silverstone Update

Yes, Razia now leads the GP2 Championship. He made the most out of Silverstone, 5th place in the feature race and 1st place in the sprint race, while Valsecchi had a weekend to forget. He was penalized and sent to the back of the starting grid due to the infringement of a technical regulation related to the quantity of fuel available after the qualifying session. Still Valsecchi did some damage control by finishing 7th place in the feature race (when he started 25th) and 2nd place in the sprint race.

Mexican Esteban Gutierrez was able to jump to 3rd position in the standings by winning the feature race and well-deserved 4th place in the sprint race. James Calado, Max Chilton and Giedo Van Der Garde failed to gain any points advantage in both races. Full results are here: Silverstone feature race and Silverstone sprint race.

2012 GP2 Championship Progression - Up until Silverstone

2012 GP2 Series Championship Progression up until Silverstone

So here are our stats of the GP2 championship with Razia leading the grand prix rankings from Valsecchi and Gutierrez:

2012 GP2 Grand Prix Rankings

GP2 Luiz Razia0 Poles, 4 Wins, 7 Podiums
118.57% Race Performance

GP2 Davide Valsecchi2 Poles, 3 Wins, 7 Podiums
120.00% Race Performance

GP2 Esteban Gutierrez0 Poles, 2 Wins, 5 Podiums
125.00% Race Performance

GP2 James Calado2 Poles, 1 Win, 4 Podiums
103.64% Race Performance

GP2 Giedo Van Der Garde1 Pole, 1 Win, 4 Podiums
105.00% Race Performance

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2012 GP2 Championship Stats

RankMost Pole PositionsPercentage
GP2 James Calado
1James Calado - GP228.57%
2Davide Valsecchi - GP228.57%
3Giedo Van Der Garde - GP214.29%
RankMost Race WinsPercentage
GP2 Luiz Razia
1Luiz Razia - GP228.57%
2Davide Valsecchi - GP221.43%
3Esteban Gutierrez - GP214.29%
RankMost PodiumsPercentage
GP2 Luiz Razia
1Luiz Razia - GP250.00%
2Davide Valsecchi - GP250.00%
3Esteban Gutierrez - GP235.71%
RankMost PerformancePercentage
GP2 Jon Lancaster
1Jon Lancaster - GP2170.00%
2Felipe Nasr - GP2144.55%
3Esteban Gutierrez - GP2125.00%

Posted on July 19, 2012

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