2017 F1 season starts with new car launches

2017 brings new regulations that bring better looking cars to the Formula One grid.

Williams already provided a glimpse of their new car, the FW40. You can see that as part of the new regulations: bigger tires, wider front and rear wing, overall wider cars (Great!) than previous years. BTW: Front wings are pointy too. The nose is 20 cm in length to create a more modern looking race car.


We will be updating this post as cars are launched throughout the week:

February 20: Sauber C36 F1 car features blue and white livery with a gold-coloured front-wing. The wider rear tires look amazing!


February 21: The Renault RS17 F1 car keeps the same colors as its predecessor. The shark-fin (used in f1 back in 2010) returns once again for 2017. Renault expects to be able to conquer fifth place in the global standings with this beauty!


February 22: Force India VJM10 also adds the shark-fin to its configuration. Same colors as the previous year (2016) and will continue to be powered by Mercedes.

2017-F1-Force-Indica VJM10-car

February 23: Mercedes W08 F1; the car everyone will try to beat this 2017. There are high expectations for the new car. Since the switch to hybrid turbo engines, Mercedes has delivered three successive F1 Championships, 51 wins out of 59 races!


February 24: Ferrari SF-70H F1, H stands for Hybrid motorization, 70 marks the number of years for the team, formed in 1947. The shark fin is notable and the arrow-shaped wing and lengthened nose also stand out. There are no visible changes to the nose but the front wing looks amazing!


February 24: McLaren MCL32 features a return to an orange livery, something not seen since 2006 (in testing), and not raced since 1971. Fernando Alonso was impressed with the new look: "It is definitely one of the most beautiful cars I have ever driven". McLaren disadvantage still relies on its power unit; Honda disappointed fans in its two-year partnership with the team (2015-2016). We hope 2017 marks a new era for them!


February 25: Williams reveal its FW40 F1 car. It basically confirmed the computerized version shown a week ago (above picture), but this one includes a very aggressive shark fin. The V-shape front wing provides that nice touch missing in Formula One since 2008.


February 26: Red Bull Racing F1 RB13 launched online. The car features thumb-tipped nose and shark fin. Interesting the noes has hole at the end - unknown yet its purpose - but definitely takes air flow from the front to divert it to other areas of the car (an S-duct?). Red Bull remain powered by the Tag Heuer-branded Renault engine


February 26: The Toro Rosso STR12 F1 car now has brighter colors - as opposed to their darker blue from previous years - the car does not feature (yet) the shark fin engine cover. We hope the light blue colors equal some race wins for 2017!


February 26: The F1 Haas Racing VF-17 car features wider front wing along with the shark fin towards the rear wing, as other teams have done so far. Towards the back of the shark fin, the car also features a T-wing - also seen in Mercedes, Ferrari, Williams testing in Spain. Here a view of the car during F1 testing in Spain at the hands of Romain Grosjean:


That will be all for now. F1 2017 definitely brings nice looking cars after all!

Posted on February 19, 2017

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