Lewis Hamilton extends F1 championship lead at 2017 Singapore GP

After the Ferraris took each other out of the race, Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton cruised to race victory... Well it is not that the Ferraris took each other out, but rather a series of high speed events: (1) Kimi Raikkonen had a great start, driving alongside Max Verstappen. (2) Sebastian Vettel was a bit off at the start - and tried to block Verstappen. (3) Verstappen had to move - but Raikkonen was there!. (4) One of Verstappen front tires made contact with Raikkonen rear tire. (5) Boom! Raikkonen crashed into Vettel, and collected Verstappen at the first corner - including unfortunate McLaren Honda Fernando Alonso.

Here is the aerial view of seconds before the accident: You can tell for sure that Vettel was trying to block Verstappen Red Bull, with Raikkonen some inches apart from the Red Bull:


This accident left Vettel, Raikkonen, Verstappen and Alonso out of the race, leaving Lewis Hamilton to conquer his 7th win of the 2017 season and build now a comfortable 28 points advantage over Sebastian Vettel.

2017 F1 Championship

HamiltonMercedes AMG Petronas F1263
VettelScuderia Ferrari235
BottasMercedes AMG Petronas F1212
RicciardoRed Bull Racing162
RaikkonenScuderia Ferrari138
VerstappenRed Bull Racing68
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Sebastian Vettel could have opted to leave more space for the Red Bull, as we don't think Verstappen pose any danger to his lead.

But we think that Raikkonen could have taken the lead. He had a great start. So our prediction was Raikkonen leading before the first corner, with Vettel squeezing the Red Bull into Hamilton (that was coming behind). Anyhow - the result is there, and now Vettel needs a weekend miracle to try to reduce the 2017 F1 championship gap. The next race is the Malaysian Grand Prix @ Sepang International Circuit, a race that Vettel last won in 2015.

Posted on September 19, 2017

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