Mercedes Rosberg and Hamilton all of nothing at F1 Abu Dhabi

This upcoming weekend features the Formula One Abu Dhabi race, the last race of the year and it will be an all or nothing for both Mercedes F1 drivers.

From Nico Rosberg perspective: it could mean his first world championship! Something he has been waiting for the last three years; and finally he has very decent shot at.

For Lewis Hamilton: it could mean his fourth world championship (third consecutive with the Mercedes F1 team) and so the stakes are also high here.

Here are the stats ahead of the race:

2016 Formula1 Grand Prix Rankings

F1 Lewis HamiltonLewis Hamilton
11 Poles, 9 Wins, 16 Podiums
120.56% Race Performance

F1 Nico RosbergNico Rosberg
8 Poles, 9 Wins, 15 Podiums
94.21% Race Performance

F1 Daniel RicciardoDaniel Ricciardo
1 Pole, 1 Win, 8 Podiums
93.50% Race Performance

F1 Sebastian VettelSebastian Vettel
0 Poles, 0 Wins, 6 Podiums
113.13% Race Performance

F1 Max VerstappenMax Verstappen
0 Poles, 1 Win, 7 Podiums
98.24% Race Performance

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When you look overall, Lewis Hamilton stands out for his pole positions and podium appearances. Unfortunately Hamilton had those technical failures; with the most costly being at the Malaysian Grand Prix, a race that he could have won but went to Daniel Riccardo (Red Bull).

Interestingly when we looked at the average starts and finishes: Lewis Hamilton maintains Average Start = 4.30, Average Finish = 2.17 whereas Nico Rosberg has Average Start = 1.80, Average Finish = 2.26.

In this report here: Compare 2016 Lewis Hamilton versus Nico Rosberg you can see that Hamilton had at least four grand prix where he had to cope with qualifying issues - whereas Rosberg has been very consistent - and had some luck coming his way.

If Nico Rosberg finishes third place (15 points) then the gap goes to 27 points. Even if Lewis Hamilton manages to win Abu Dhabi, the Formula One championship goes to his teammate.

If Nico Rosberg finishes fourth place (12 points) then the gap goes to 24 points. If Lewis Hamilton win the race then he gets his forth World Championship.

Anything lower for both Mercedes drivers; means Rosberg becomes World Champion.

Something to look at at Abu Dhabi will be the pace of Red Bull and Ferrari during the practice and qualifying. If they are able to compete with Mercedes then the race becomes more challenging for both Rosberg and Hamilton, specially if you look at Max Verstappen, the young driver will be looking to finish the F1 championship in fourth position and for that he will need to finish ahead of the Ferrari of Sebastian Vettel.

Red Bull Daniel Riccardo already got the third position in the championship and no one can challenge that even if he does not finish the Abu Dhabi race.

See you then at Abu Dhabi for a very exciting finale!

Posted on November 21, 2016

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