Seven winners in seven races after Canadian Grand Prix weekend

The Canadian Grand Prix witnessed the rise of Lewis Hamilton and his first win for a fascinating 2012 Formula1 season. It was a close battle @ Circuit Gilles Villeneuve between Sebastian Vettel (his second pole this year), Lewis Hamilton (started 2nd) and Fernando Alonso (started 3rd). The three exchanged positions throughout the race, but McLaren and Hamilton got it right! With a 2 pit stop strategy that worked passing Vettel (on lap 61) and race leader Alonso (on lap 65 out of 70 laps). Vettel came in to the pits a bit too late and lost second and third position to Grosjean and Perez. Alonso finished 5th. You can review the full results 2012 Canadian Grand Prix.

So now seven winners in seven races, with F1 scoring system: a win is a win (25 points) and can take you to the championship lead... Looking at the championship progression:

2012 Formula1 Championship Progression after Canadian Grand Prix

It is quite interesting:

Lewis Hamilton consistency (no wins) placed him first at the championship after China but then lost momentum in Bahrain and Spain. Monaco was a bit of a turnaround but Montreal is his come back!

Fernando Alonso won in Malaysia and took the championship lead but lost it in China (finished 9th). Bahrain was a bit better (finished 7th), but Spain and Monaco where his strongest consecutive results with 2nd and 3rd place... and the championship lead. Canada was disappointing but he still lies 2nd in the championship.

The current champ, Sebastian Vettel, took the championship lead in Bahrain (he won that race from pole position). Spain was a challenge (only finished 6th) but top 5 finishes in Monaco and Montreal. Red Bull and Vettel are definitely back on track!

Mark Webber has yet to the lead the standings. He finished 4th place in all four races but did not score in Spain (flat line). He won Monaco and tied points with Vettel. Canada was not what he had hoped for, he finished 7th.

Nico Rosberg lies fifth but his points progression match those of Vettel and Alonso (look at Rosberg slope in the graph - the green line). If not for Australia and Malaysia (no points)... Who knows? Maybe he could be leading the championship by now?

Kimi Raikkonen had a high at Bahrain and Spain, but mixed results in Monaco and Montreal have not helped his championship hopes. Still he is someone to keep an eye on!

Romain Grosjean has 3 DNFs (Australia, Malaysia, Monaco) but every time he has finished a race he has done it within the Top 6. He is about to catch his teammate in the standings.

- Ultimately, but not last, Jenson Button, he won Australia, second in China, but have not managed to score recently for various issues. Qualifying is definitely hurting his hopes to win or be a Top 5 finisher. Maybe he will come back at the British Grand Prix?

Okay, Who is leading the F1 Grand Prix Rankings now? Of course, Hamilton but followed by Vettel, as Alonso has yet to get a pole position. Webber comes fourth and Raikkonen fifth. Where is Rosberg? Nico Rosberg average race performance suffers from Australia and Malaysia (where Mercedes had tire issues) affecting his overall score:

1Lewis Hamilton28.5714.2957.1471.43104.29100.00375.72
2Sebastian Vettel28.5714.2928.5771.43101.43100.00344.29
3Fernando Alonso14.2942.8671.43114.29100.00342.87
4Mark Webber14.2914.2914.2971.4391.43100.00305.73
5Kimi Raikkonen28.5742.86111.43100.00282.86
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Where do we go next? European Grand Prix @ Valencia on June 24th. Stay tuned!

Posted on June 11, 2012

What do you think?

    • Charles wrote on June 13, 2012:
    • Yes! this is one of the greatest formula 1 championship indeed. The tires and technical regulations have tighten the car differences, but also the players: Alonso (2005 and 2006 Champion), Raikkonen (2007 Champion), Hamilton (2008 Champion), Button (2009 Champion), Vettel (2010 and 2011 Champion) and of course Michal Schumacher, one of the finest driver out there. Looking forward to the next race!
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    • F1-Hamilton wrote on June 13, 2012:
    • Go Hamilton Go! I knew he will come back and he came back with class! passed Vettel and Alonso (twice)! Now to win the European Grand Prix and Silverstone too and the championship is ours to take!
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    • redbullfan wrote on June 13, 2012:
    • It is hard to accept but Yes! Red Bull made a mistake and corrected it a bit too late... They should have pitted Vettel at same time that Hamilton, this move could have given Vettel second position in the GP. Anyhow the battle for the championship is still quite open, it will come down to Vettel versus Hamilton versus Alonso... and maybe Rosberg... but the mercedes still has to prove that it can win again.
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