Mark Webber

  1. Born: August 27, 1976
  2. Country: Australia

2012 F1 Racing Stats

Racing StatsResultsPercentage
Average Start5.85
Average Finish5.35
Pole Positions210.00%
Race Wins210.00%
Podium Finishes420.00%
Top5 Finishes1050.00%
Race Performance94.71%
Finished Races1785.00%
Webber Total Score:269.71
2012 F1 Grand Prix Rankings
Webber F1 Points:179
2012 F1 Standings

Race Results 2012 F1

Red Bull Racing

Australia544.54790%Race results lost positions
Malaysia4417.688100%Race results no change positions
China6427.924110%Race results gained positions
Bahrain3438.78890%Race results lost positions
Spain11111 Lap80%Race results lost positions
Monaco111:46:06.557100%Race results no change positions
Canada4715.08570%Race results lost positions
Europe19413.628200%Race results gained positions
Great Britain211:25:11.288110%Race results gained positions
Germany8846.90090%Race results lost positions
Hungary11834.458130%Race results gained positions
Belgium12631.244110%Race results gained positions
Italy11DNFSpun and retiredNo race results
Singapore71167.10040%Race results lost positions
Japan2954.67530%Race results lost positions
Korea128.23190%Race results lost positions
India2313.21790%Race results lost positions
Abu Dhabi2DNFTaken out by GrosjeanNo race results
United States3DNFAlternator failureNo race results
Brazil344.93680%Race results lost positions
Total: 20 Races

Felipe Massa

  1. Born: April 25, 1981
  2. Country: Brazil

2012 F1 Racing Stats

Racing StatsResultsPercentage
Average Start9.85
Average Finish8.00
Pole Positions00.00%
Race Wins00.00%
Podium Finishes210.00%
Top5 Finishes735.00%
Race Performance100.53%
Finished Races1995.00%
Massa Total Score:240.53
2012 F1 Grand Prix Rankings
Massa F1 Points:122
2012 F1 Standings

Race Results 2012 F1

Scuderia Ferrari

Australia16DNFClashed with SennaNo race results
Malaysia121597.31960%Race results lost positions
China121342.70080%Race results lost positions
Bahrain14964.999150%Race results gained positions
Spain16151 Lap90%Race results lost positions
Monaco766.19590%Race results lost positions
Canada61025.27260%Race results lost positions
Europe13161 Lap30%Race results lost positions
Great Britain549.519110%Race results gained positions
Germany131271.428100%Race results no change positions
Hungary7938.35080%Race results lost positions
Belgium14529.845140%Race results gained positions
Italy3429.66780%Race results lost positions
Singapore13842.800120%Race results gained positions
Japan10220.639150%Race results gained positions
Korea6420.168120%Race results gained positions
India6644.674100%Race results no change positions
Abu Dhabi8722.89680%Race results lost positions
United States11446.000160%Race results gained positions
Brazil533.615110%Race results gained positions
Total: 20 Races