Michael Schumacher

  1. Born: January 03, 1969
  2. Country: Germany

2012 F1 Racing Stats

Racing StatsResultsPercentage
Average Start9.65
Average Finish10.00
Pole Positions00.00%
Race Wins00.00%
Podium Finishes15.00%
Top5 Finishes15.00%
Race Performance84.62%
Finished Races1365.00%
Schumacher Total Score:159.62
2012 F1 Grand Prix Rankings
Schumacher F1 Points:49
2012 F1 Standings

Race Results 2012 F1

Mercedes AMG Petronas F1

Australia4DNFGearbox problemNo race results
Malaysia31049.99630%Race results lost positions
China2DNFWheel nut issueNo race results
Bahrain221071.490200%Race results gained positions
Spain8DNFCollided with SennaNo race results
Monaco6DNFFuel pressureNo race results
Canada9DNFDRS hydraulic problemNo race results
Europe12312.639150%Race results gained positions
Great Britain3729.15360%Race results lost positions
Germany3728.96060%Race results lost positions
Hungary17DNFTechnical issuesNo race results
Belgium13753.374110%Race results gained positions
Italy4631.25970%Race results lost positions
Singapore9DNFCollided with VergneNo race results
Japan231167.769170%Race results gained positions
Korea101389.24160%Race results lost positions
India14225 Laps10%Race results lost positions
Abu Dhabi131128.07570%Race results lost positions
United States5161 Lap-20%Race results lost positions
Brazil13711.900130%Race results gained positions
Total: 20 Races

Nico Hulkenberg

  1. Born: August 19, 1987
  2. Country: Germany

2012 F1 Racing Stats

Racing StatsResultsPercentage
Average Start11.45
Average Finish9.12
Pole Positions00.00%
Race Wins00.00%
Podium Finishes00.00%
Top5 Finishes315.00%
Race Performance102.35%
Finished Races1785.00%
Hulkenberg Total Score:202.35
2012 F1 Grand Prix Rankings
Hulkenberg F1 Points:63
2012 F1 Standings

Race Results 2012 F1

Sahara Force India F1 Team

Australia9DNFFirst corner battleNo race results
Malaysia16947.892160%Race results gained positions
China161551.200100%Race results no change positions
Bahrain131276.539110%Race results gained positions
Spain13101 Lap110%Race results gained positions
Monaco10842.562100%Race results no change positions
Canada131246.236100%Race results no change positions
Europe8519.99390%Race results lost positions
Great Britain1412 47.856110%Race results gained positions
Germany4948.16250%Race results lost positions
Hungary101157.28390%Race results lost positions
Belgium11427.843120%Race results gained positions
Italy24DNFBrake problemNo race results
Singapore111499.40040%Race results lost positions
Japan15751.159140%Race results gained positions
Korea8645.301120%Race results gained positions
India12854.998130%Race results gained positions
Abu Dhabi10DNFClashed with SennaNo race results
United States6873.70070%Race results lost positions
Brazil655.708100%Race results no change positions
Total: 20 Races