Sebastian Vettel

  1. Born: July 03, 1987
  2. Country: Germany

2013 F1 Racing Stats

Racing StatsResultsPercentage
Average Start2.05
Average Finish1.61
Pole Positions947.37%
Race Wins1368.42%
Podium Finishes1684.21%
Top5 Finishes1894.74%
Race Performance103.33%
Finished Races1894.74%
Vettel Total Score:492.81
2013 F1 Grand Prix Rankings
Vettel F1 Points:397
2013 F1 Standings

Race Results 2013 F1

Red Bull Racing

Australia1322.34680%Race results lost positions
Malaysia111:38:56.681100%Race results no change positions
China9412.525140%Race results gained positions
Bahrain211:36:00.498110%Race results gained positions
Spain3438.27390%Race results lost positions
Monaco323.888110%Race results gained positions
Canada111:32:09.143100%Race results no change positions
Great Britain3DNFGearbox issueNo race results
Germany211:41:14.711110%Race results gained positions
Hungary2312.45990%Race results lost positions
Belgium211:23:42.196110%Race results gained positions
Italy111:18:33.352100%Race results no change positions
Singapore111:59:13.132100%Race results no change positions
Korea111:43:13.701100%Race results no change positions
Japan211:26:49.301110%Race results gained positions
India111:31:12.187100%Race results no change positions
Abu Dhabi211:38:06.106110%Race results gained positions
United States111:39:17.148100%Race results no change positions
Brazil111:32:36.300100%Race results no change positions
Total: 19 Races

Marc Marquez

  1. Born: February 17, 1993
  2. Country: Spain

2013 MotoGP Racing Stats

Racing StatsResultsPercentage
Average Start2.28
Average Finish1.88
Pole Positions950.00%
Race Wins635.29%
Podium Finishes1694.12%
Top5 Finishes1694.12%
Race Performance99.38%
Finished Races1694.12%
Marquez Total Score:467.03
2013 MotoGP Grand Prix Rankings
Marquez MotoGP Points:334
2013 MotoGP Standings

Race Results 2013 MotoGP

Repsol Honda Team

Qatar636.201120%Race results gained positions
Americas1143:42.123100%Race results no change positions
Spain322.487110%Race results gained positions
France136.94980%Race results lost positions
Italy6DNFLost the frontNo race results
Catalunya631.826100%Race results no change positions
Netherlands222.170100%Race results no change positions
Germany1141:14.653100%Race results no change positions
United States2144:00.695110%Race results gained positions
Indianapolis1144:52.463100%Race results no change positions
Czech Republic3142:50.729120%Race results gained positions
Great Britain120.08190%Race results lost positions
San Marino123.37990%Race results lost positions
Aragon1142:03.459100%Race results no change positions
Malaysia122.75790%Race results lost positions
Australia2DSQFailed to pit for tiresNo race results
Japan223.188100%Race results no change positions
Valencia137.35780%Race results lost positions
Total: 18 Races