Fernando Alonso

  1. Born: July 29, 1981
  2. Country: Spain

2015 F1 Racing Stats

Racing StatsResultsPercentage
Average Start15.56
Average Finish11.60
Pole Positions00.00%
Race Wins00.00%
Podium Finishes00.00%
Top5 Finishes15.56%
Race Performance111.00%
Finished Races1055.56%
Alonso Total Score:172.12
2015 F1 Grand Prix Rankings
Alonso F1 Points:11
2015 F1 Standings

Race Results 2015 F1

McLaren Honda

AustraliaDNQDNSConcussion recoveryNo race results
Malaysia18DNFTechnical problemNo race results
China18121 Lap120%Race results gained positions
Bahrain14111 Lap120%Race results gained positions
Spain13DNFBrake issueNo race results
Monaco13DNFGearbox problemNo race results
Canada14DNFExhaust problemNo race results
Austria19DNFTaken out by RaikkonenNo race results
Great Britain17101 Lap110%Race results gained positions
Hungary15549.079160%Race results gained positions
Belgium20131 Lap130%Race results gained positions
Italy16DNFElectrical issueNo race results
Singapore12DNFRetiredNo race results
Japan12111 Lap110%Race results gained positions
Russia161191.210100%Race results no change positions
United States91154.81650%Race results lost positions
Mexico18DNFPower unit issueNo race results
Brazil20151 Lap130%Race results gained positions
Abu Dhabi16172 Laps80%Race results lost positions
Total: 19 Races

Kimi Raikkonen

  1. Born: October 17, 1979
  2. Country: Finland

2015 F1 Racing Stats

Racing StatsResultsPercentage
Average Start7.47
Average Finish4.79
Pole Positions00.00%
Race Wins00.00%
Podium Finishes315.79%
Top5 Finishes1052.63%
Race Performance105.00%
Finished Races1473.68%
Raikkonen Total Score:247.10
2015 F1 Grand Prix Rankings
Raikkonen F1 Points:150
2015 F1 Standings

Race Results 2015 F1

Scuderia Ferrari

Australia5DNFRear tyre issueNo race results
Malaysia11453.822160%Race results gained positions
China643.835120%Race results gained positions
Bahrain423.380120%Race results gained positions
Spain7560.002120%Race results gained positions
Monaco6614.345100%Race results no change positions
Canada3445.62590%Race results lost positions
Austria14DNFCrashed into AlonsoNo race results
Great Britain581 Lap70%Race results lost positions
Hungary5DNFPower unit issueNo race results
Belgium16755.703150%Race results gained positions
Italy2568.86070%Race results lost positions
Singapore3317.154100%Race results no change positions
Japan6433.768120%Race results gained positions
Russia5872.35850%Race results lost positions
United States18DNFSpun off and crashedNo race results
Mexico19DNFClashed with BottasNo race results
Brazil4447.543100%Race results no change positions
Abu Dhabi3319.430100%Race results no change positions
Total: 19 Races