Sebastian Vettel

  1. Born: July 03, 1987
  2. Country: Germany

2015 F1 Racing Stats

Racing StatsResultsPercentage
Average Start5.21
Average Finish3.33
Pole Positions15.26%
Race Wins315.79%
Podium Finishes1368.42%
Top5 Finishes1789.47%
Race Performance114.44%
Finished Races1894.74%
Vettel Total Score:388.12
2015 F1 Grand Prix Rankings
Vettel F1 Points:278
2015 F1 Standings

Race Results 2015 F1

Scuderia Ferrari

Australia4334.523110%Race results gained positions
Malaysia211:41:05.793110%Race results gained positions
China332.988100%Race results no change positions
Bahrain2543.98970%Race results lost positions
Spain3345.342100%Race results no change positions
Monaco324.486110%Race results gained positions
Canada16549.903200%Race results gained positions
Austria3418.18190%Race results lost positions
Great Britain6325.443130%Race results gained positions
Hungary311:46:09.985120%Race results gained positions
Belgium8121 Lap40%Race results lost positions
Italy3225.042110%Race results gained positions
Singapore112:01:22.118100%Race results no change positions
Japan4320.850110%Race results gained positions
Russia425.953100%Race results no change positions
United States1333.381160%Race results gained positions
Mexico3DNFSpun off and crashedNo race results
Brazil3314.244100%Race results no change positions
Abu Dhabi15443.735200%Race results gained positions
Total: 19 Races

Daniil Kvyat

  1. Born: April 26, 1994
  2. Country: Russia

2015 F1 Racing Stats

Racing StatsResultsPercentage
Average Start9.74
Average Finish7.50
Pole Positions00.00%
Race Wins00.00%
Podium Finishes15.56%
Top5 Finishes527.78%
Race Performance109.38%
Finished Races1688.89%
Kvyat Total Score:231.61
2015 F1 Grand Prix Rankings
Kvyat F1 Points:95
2015 F1 Standings

Race Results 2015 F1

Infiniti Red Bull Racing

Australia13DNSGearbox problemNo race results
Malaysia591 Lap60%Race results lost positions
China12DNFPower unit issueNo race results
Bahrain1791 Lap160%Race results gained positions
Spain8101 Lap80%Race results lost positions
Monaco5411.965110%Race results gained positions
Canada891 Lap90%Race results lost positions
Austria15121 Lap100%Race results no change positions
Great Britain7663.955110%Race results gained positions
Hungary7215.748140%Race results gained positions
Belgium12445.692140%Race results gained positions
Italy18101 Lap140%Race results gained positions
Singapore4634.20480%Race results lost positions
Japan20131 Lap160%Race results gained positions
Russia11547.566110%Race results gained positions
United States4DNFSpun off and crashedNo race results
Mexico4416.57290%Race results lost positions
Brazil671 Lap90%Race results lost positions
Abu Dhabi910102.37190%Race results lost positions
Total: 19 Races