Felipe Massa

  1. Born: April 25, 1981
  2. Country: Brazil

2016 F1 Racing Stats

Racing StatsResultsPercentage
Average Start10.33
Average Finish9.35
Pole Positions00.00%
Race Wins00.00%
Podium Finishes00.00%
Top5 Finishes29.52%
Race Performance99.41%
Finished Races1780.95%
Massa Total Score:189.88
2016 F1 Grand Prix Rankings
Massa F1 Points:53
2016 F1 Standings

Race Results 2016 F1

Williams Martini Racing

Australia6558.979100%Race results no change positions
Bahrain781 Lap80%Race results lost positions
China10675.511140%Race results gained positions
Russia4574.42790%Race results lost positions
Spain18880.707150%Race results gained positions
Monaco14101 Lap120%Race results gained positions
Canada8DNFPower unit issueNo race results
Europe51085.37550%Race results lost positions
Austria10DNFBrake issuesNo race results
United Kingdom12111 Lap110%Race results gained positions
Hungary18182 Laps90%Race results lost positions
Germany10DNFCollision with PalmerNo race results
Belgium101065.87390%Race results lost positions
Italy11965.617120%Race results gained positions
Singapore11121 Lap70%Race results lost positions
Malaysia10131 Lap50%Race results lost positions
Japan12997.076130%Race results gained positions
United States971 Lap90%Race results lost positions
Mexico9976.206100%Race results no change positions
Brazil13DNFCrashed outNo race results
Abu Dhabi10959.436110%Race results gained positions
Total: 21 Races

Kimi Raikkonen

  1. Born: October 17, 1979
  2. Country: Finland

2016 F1 Racing Stats

Racing StatsResultsPercentage
Average Start5.10
Average Finish4.71
Pole Positions00.00%
Race Wins00.00%
Podium Finishes419.05%
Top5 Finishes1152.38%
Race Performance98.24%
Finished Races1780.95%
Raikkonen Total Score:250.62
2016 F1 Grand Prix Rankings
Raikkonen F1 Points:186
2016 F1 Standings

Race Results 2016 F1

Scuderia Ferrari

Australia4DNFEngine issueNo race results
Bahrain4210.282110%Race results gained positions
China3565.87280%Race results lost positions
Russia3331.998100%Race results no change positions
Spain520.616110%Race results gained positions
Monaco11DNFHit the barrierNo race results
Canada6663.017100%Race results no change positions
Europe4433.102100%Race results no change positions
Austria436.024100%Race results no change positions
United Kingdom5569.743100%Race results no change positions
Hungary14649.044170%Race results gained positions
Germany5637.02390%Race results lost positions
Belgium3961.10940%Race results lost positions
Italy4427.561100%Race results no change positions
Singapore5410.219110%Race results gained positions
Malaysia6428.785100%Race results no change positions
Japan3528.37080%Race results lost positions
United States5DNFWheel uncorrectly fittedNo race results
Mexico6649.376100%Race results no change positions
Brazil3DNFCrashed outNo race results
Abu Dhabi4618.81680%Race results lost positions
Total: 21 Races