Jorge Lorenzo

  1. Born: May 04, 1987
  2. Country: Spain

2016 MotoGP Racing Stats

Racing StatsResultsPercentage
Average Start4.17
Average Finish5.00
Pole Positions422.22%
Race Wins422.22%
Podium Finishes1055.56%
Top5 Finishes1055.56%
Race Performance86.67%
Finished Races1583.33%
Lorenzo Total Score:325.56
2016 MotoGP Grand Prix Rankings
Lorenzo MotoGP Points:233
2016 MotoGP Standings

Race Results 2016 MotoGP

Movistar Yamaha MotoGP

Qatar1142:28.452100%Race results no change positions
Argentina3DNFCrashed outNo race results
Americas226.107100%Race results no change positions
Spain222.386100%Race results no change positions
France1143:51.290100%Race results no change positions
Italy5141:36.535130%Race results gained positions
Catalunya2DNFTaken out by IannoneNo race results
Netherlands101027.60440%Race results lost positions
Germany111577.69450%Race results lost positions
Austria433.389110%Race results gained positions
Czech Republic2171 Lap-50%Race results lost positions
Great Britain9819.432100%Race results no change positions
San Marino134.35980%Race results lost positions
Aragon322.740110%Race results gained positions
Japan3DNFLost the frontNo race results
Australia12620.125130%Race results gained positions
Malaysia3311.924100%Race results no change positions
Valencia1145:54.228100%Race results no change positions
Total: 18 Races

Andrea Iannone

  1. Born: August 09, 1989
  2. Country: Italy

2016 MotoGP Racing Stats

Racing StatsResultsPercentage
Average Start6.93
Average Finish4.38
Pole Positions17.14%
Race Wins17.14%
Podium Finishes428.57%
Top5 Finishes642.86%
Race Performance117.50%
Finished Races857.14%
Iannone Total Score:260.35
2016 MotoGP Grand Prix Rankings
Iannone MotoGP Points:112
2016 MotoGP Standings

Race Results 2016 MotoGP

Ducati Team

Qatar4DNFCrashed outNo race results
Argentina6DNFClashed with DoviziosoNo race results
Americas7310.947120%Race results gained positions
Spain11726.277130%Race results gained positions
France3DNFCrashed outNo race results
Italy334.74290%Race results lost positions
Catalunya8DNFCollided with LorenzoNo race results
Netherlands21517.835180%Race results gained positions
Germany9522.755130%Race results gained positions
Austria1139:46.255100%Race results no change positions
Czech Republic3824.56250%Race results lost positions
Great Britain8DNFCrashed outNo race results
San MarinoDNQDNSFractured T3 vertebraNo race results
AragonDNQDNSRecoveringNo race results
JapanDNQDNSRecoveringNo race results
AustraliaDNQDNSRecoveringNo race results
Malaysia6DNFCrashed outNo race results
Valencia736.603140%Race results gained positions
Total: 18 Races