F1 2017 Italy Race Results

Hamilton111:15:32.310100%Race results no change positions
Bottas424.471120%Race results gained positions
Vettel6326.317130%Race results gained positions
Ricciardo16440.335210%Race results gained positions
Raikkonen5560.082100%Race results no change positions
Ocon3671.52870%Race results lost positions
Stroll2774.15650%Race results lost positions
Massa7874.83490%Race results lost positions
Perez10975.276110%Race results gained positions
Verstappen13101 Lap120%Race results gained positions
Magnussen9111 Lap80%Race results lost positions
Kvyat8121 Lap60%Race results lost positions
Hulkenberg14131 Lap100%Race results no change positions
Sainz Jr15141 Lap100%Race results no change positions
Grosjean20151 Lap110%Race results gained positions
Wehrlein12162 Laps50%Race results lost positions
Alonso19DNFGearbox issueNo race results
Ericsson11DNFCrashed outNo race results
Vandoorne18DNFEngine failureNo race results
Palmer17DNFGearbox issueNo race results
Total: 20 Drivers

Lance Stroll Race Performance

Lance Stroll (Williams Martini Racing) qualified 2 and finished 7 (Lost Race Position5).

Stroll lost 5 race positions:

  • Bottas, qualified 4 and finished 2 (Gained Race Position2).
  • Vettel, qualified 6 and finished 3 (Gained Race Position3).
  • Ricciardo, qualified 16 and finished 4 (Gained Race Position12).
  • Raikkonen, qualified 5 and finished 5 (No Change Race Position0).
  • Ocon, qualified 3 and finished 6 (Lost Race Position3).
Expected:Grid = Race100%
Racing Performance:50%