Race Results 2014 F1

Sahara Force India F1 Team

Australia7650.71890%Race results lost positions
Malaysia7547.199110%Race results gained positions
Bahrain11528.654140%Race results gained positions
China8654.295120%Race results gained positions
Spain10101 Lap100%Race results no change positions
Monaco1151 Lap120%Race results gained positions
Canada11512.843140%Race results gained positions
Austria10944.137100%Race results no change positions
Great Britain4888.69250%Race results lost positions
Germany9764.178100%Race results no change positions
Hungary9DNFClashed with PerezNo race results
Belgium181065.697140%Race results gained positions
Italy131272.606100%Race results no change positions
Singapore13961.661120%Race results gained positions
Japan138115.948140%Race results gained positions
Russia171281.309150%Race results gained positions
United States13DNFEngine issueNo race results
Brazil12863.934130%Race results gained positions
Abu Dhabi12662.148150%Race results gained positions
Total: 19 Races

Race Results 2015 F1

Sahara Force India F1

Australia1471 Lap110%Race results gained positions
Malaysia13141 Lap70%Race results lost positions
China16DNFPower unit issueNo race results
Bahrain8131 Lap50%Race results lost positions
Spain17151 Lap100%Race results no change positions
Monaco111126.23280%Race results lost positions
Canada681 Lap80%Race results lost positions
Austria5664.07590%Race results lost positions
Great Britain9778.744110%Race results gained positions
Hungary11DNFFront wing failureNo race results
Belgium11DNFPower unit issueNo race results
Italy971 Lap100%Race results no change positions
Singapore11DNFClashed with MassaNo race results
Japan13655.559170%Race results gained positions
Russia6DNFSpun first cornerNo race results
United States6DNFClashed with RicciardoNo race results
Mexico10725.860120%Race results gained positions
Brazil561 Lap90%Race results lost positions
Abu Dhabi7793.618100%Race results no change positions
Total: 19 Races